The obligatory 2012 review


Seeing as starting this blog was a new years resolution, it seems only fitting that I should start it with a review of 2012, a year in which I swam with dolphins, watched my best friend get married, laughed so hard I nearly cried at a broadway show, surprised my mum with a birthday trip to New York City and went to see a stand up show on my own.

It’s definitely fair to say that 2012 has had some lows as well as highs, but it’s largely been a good year, culminating in what can only be described as one of the best Christmases I’ve had in a long time.

The first few months of the year went by without much to report, but it was at the end of May when my sister and I took our mum to New York as a surprise birthday present that the year started to get interesting. For four days we had our own East 30th Street apartment, a few blocks from the Empire State Building and were able to indulge ourselves with all things Manhattan. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly seeing Tony award winner, James Corden in the fantastic One Man, Two Guvnors during its Broadway run. The quintessentially British humour translated to the mainly American audience in many parts of the show, but it was the times when whispers of ‘What does that mean?’ and ‘Why is that funny?’ went round the theatre that being a Brit made the jokes even funnier.


one man

On returning from NYC, it was then into wedding season and for me this is the first time in my life that has actually meant something. This year I had four weddings one of which was for one of my best friends, which to be quite honest amazes me that I am even old enough to have friends who are now getting married!

Whilst I have established that weddings are very much about love, life and laughter in many ways they seem to me to be more about drinking, dancing and making sure the groom makes it to his first dance after being held hostage in the bar until he does his Jaeger bomb! In all honesty though the weddings I’ve attended this summer have been some of the true highlights of the year. I’ve met some great new people, but more importantly I’ve got to spend time with some truly amazing friends who think it’s acceptable to rock up to the wedding dance in a grass skirt and pineapple sunglasses (which it totally is FYI!)

From summertime being created at a wedding dance to 100F sunshine, I was off to Cancun. Having been in 2011 I knew what an amazing few weeks awaited, and I was not disappointed. Two weeks of sitting by the pool drinking sangria from noon, all-inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner and $2500 of free credit to spend at the hotel spa and salon was what I got. Not forgetting the 100F heat nearly everyday, swimming with dolphins, walking along the seabed with stingrays and eating lunch with chameleons. This was a truly fantastic holiday and I would highly recommend Cancun and the Riviera Maya to anyone!

mexico1 mexico2 mexico3

By the time we got back from Mexico it was nearly November and on a work trip to Nottingham I decided to do something I’ve never done before a) go to see a stand up comedian live and b) do it on my own.

My first foray into stand up comedy was to see John Bishop’s Rollercoaster live at Nottingham Capital FM Arena. Being on my own I was lucky enough to get a seat just metres from the stage a week before the show which meant I had a great view of the man himself. I must admit having not been to anything like this by myself before I was somewhat nervous that I would look like a total weirdo who goes to comedy shows on their own. However what I found when I got there was that I was actually not the only person there on their own, which in fact got me thinking what is so wrong about going on your own anyway? But moving on to the show itself; Bishop’s recollections of his time as an Olympic torch-bearer, Sports Relief national hero, father to teenage sons, disgusted husband to a Fifty Shades reading wife and man who gets a back, sack and crack were nothing short of genius. Having already been a fan of Bishop (well you’d have to be to go on your own!) I had high hopes for Rollercoaster, but what I got far surpassed my expectations. For anyone who hasn’t seen it you can buy it from Amazon here, and I strongly recommend it.


Finally, it was Christmas. A time when family and friends come together to drink and be merry and this year was no exception except we all drank a bit too much and got a bit too merry! But hey it’s Christmas, a time when it’s acceptable to not get dressed for days on end and have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a glass of champagne for breakfast. A time for relaxing with family, talking long walks on the cliffs and beaches of Guernsey and catching up with old friends for endless hot chocolates and mammoth gossip sessions. Oh, and board games. Christmas is most definitely all about board games.

So, if you’re still with me, those were some of my 2012 highlights.

There were obviously other things like the Queens Jubilee and of course the London Olympics that were amazing examples of why us Brits are so great but it was all of these things and more than made my 2012 a year like no other.


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