One week down, 51 to go

So it has officially been one week since I began my ‘Photo a day’ challenge of 2013, where I am aiming to take a photo every day and although it’s been tricky I have successfully managed to get a shot for the past 7 days.

It has not all been plain sailing and I must’ve taken well over 100 photos in this past week, of which I have chosen 7 for my ‘photo a day’ log and another 10 for my post ‘There’s no place like home’. I have been trying as much as possible to use the professional aperture and shutter speed modes on my camera over using the automatic setting, but this hasn’t always worked, especially when I forget to change my ISO setting and end up with an incredibly long shutter speed which I’m never going to hold and then end up with a blurry mess on my memory card! But what I have mainly enjoyed has been forcing myself to get out and explore Guernsey and get creative with finding appropriate topics to shoot, especially when light is not on my side.

My main aim over the next week is to get a good long exposure water shot, and to experiment with shutter speeds a bit more. I might also invest in a tripod, as I have discovered that having steady hands is not something I’m very blessed with! So watch this space for next weeks shots but for now here’s a selection of my favourite shots from this week. The rest can all be found on my January photos page. Enjoy!

1st Jan 20123rd Jan 20136th Jan 2013


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