Fashion Friday – Dior at Harrods

As part of a new series on my blog I will be doing Fashion Friday where I talk about what’s caught my eye each week in the world of fashion and beauty. It could be a big fashion story, great new website or even just a piece of clothing that’s got me holding my breath until pay-day!

For my first Fashion Friday it could only be the launch of the Christian Dior pop up shop at Harrods.

Launched by Russian beauty Natalia Vodianova, on 14th March, the pop up shop is open to the public for a limited time only until 16th April 2013. During that time Harrods will be home to some stunning window displays featuring some of London’s most iconic features such as the humble red telephone box, but in Dior’s signature grey and white. The unique ‘So Dior’ exhibition includes mini Dior couture pieces throughout the years as well as my personal favourite part of the whole Dior/Harrods partnership Cafe Dior, where customers are treated to lobster sandwiches and cupcakes created from the recipes of Monsieur Dior himself.

Personally Dior is somewhat out of my price range, although I have most definitely wandered into Harrods or Selfridges and lusted after all things designer. But the only designer items found in my collection are my black quilted Marc Jacobs bag bought with my first ever bonus and a veritable plethora of make up. I’m a fan of the Dior beauty range, from the gorgeous ribbon-topped Miss Dior perfume bottles to the sapphire blue compact cases, their blusher and lip gloss being my fave of their make up range. I must admit I wasn’t that impressed by their powder but this may be more to do with the gut wrenching moment that I watched in slow motion as it fell from my hands and hit the floor shattering into a thousand pieces – for some reason it didn’t work quite as well after that.

Unfortunately for me being an islander I won’t get a chance to visit what I’m sure will be a fantastic experience, but will be keeping a keen (and undeniably jealous!) eye out for all the photos I’m sure will be on Twitter in the coming days and weeks.



One thought on “Fashion Friday – Dior at Harrods

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