Portrait Photography – My first shoot

As my regular readers will know, not only am I new to the world of blogging, but I also decided to take up photography at the same time. Somehow the two seem to work fairly well in unison, although at the moment I think I’m pretty much fumbling my way through both!

That is until I sat in a room for seven hours with someone who actually knows how to use the manual functions of my digital SLR (up until now I’ve mostly been using the Aperture function to make myself feel like less a newbie despite having little to no clue how to actually use it to any decent effect!) Although having said that thankfully I think I seem to have lucked out with a fair few of my shots so far, and somehow landscape seems more simple to get ‘right’.

This weekend, I attended a beginners photography course through Guernsey-based company Creative Photography and thankfully I wasn’t the only useless idiot who had bought an expensive camera with dreams of becoming the next David Bailey. Having spent the first few hours munching biscuits and exclaiming ‘Aha! So that’s what that does’ and ‘Wow, I really had no idea what that was for’ we finally headed out to put our newly learnt expertise into practice.

Local model Eden met us in Market Square, St Peter Port and there began my first portrait shoot. Below are some of the shots with little additional work done to them, as I am in no way trained in the art of Photoshop (yet), and also some behind the scenes shots from the shoot too.

As a first portrait shoot I was pretty happy with the outcome and I have definitely learnt a lot so hopefully my shots will reflect that going forward.

Let me know your thoughts, good, bad, indifferent or even just if you have a particular favourite I’d love to hear it!

behind the scenes5 markets behind the scenes4 bollards behind the scenes3 white sky harbour wall  behind the scenes2 havelet wall


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