Derren Brown – Infamous live in Liverpool

Last Wednesday my big sis and I made the 700 mile round trip from Guernsey to Liverpool via Manchester to see the master of mental manipulation that is Derren Brown.

Having been a fan of Derren for quite some years it was my sister’s idea to finally go and see him live in his latest tour Infamous. Being from Guernsey we had to find a location that was convenient for us to get to, and that was not too expensive so being able to fly to and from Manchester then train to Liverpool, where I’ve previously been for work, seemed ideal.

So at 5am on Wednesday 27th March my alarm clock buzzed and I initially wondered why I agreed to take this trip, which was not helped by the decidedly dodgy flight that left me feeling pretty nauseous by the time we landed an hour and a half later. But by the time we arrived in a snowy Liverpool I was feeling much better and much more excited about what lay ahead.

After spending over £100 in Primark in just over an hour, and managing to leave my purse in the hotel room (thanks to my big sis for footing the bill!) we had taken in much of the shopping that Liverpool has to offer and were back in the hotel getting ready to have our tiny minds blown.

And we were not disappointed.

outside theatre

Having been sworn to secrecy by Derren means that I’m unable to share with you any details about the show itself. But safe to say it contains all of the mind bending we have come to expect from him over the years, and there were plenty ‘What the….?!’ moments when the audience were left looking at each other in a state of pure astonishment.

The one moment I will mention though is when Derren inevitably puts the majority of the audience into a trance in order to select one key member to be involved in the main part of the show (check it out from Svengali at around 34 minutes here). I didn’t wish to take part but my sister did and dutifully stood up and began her journey into her trance. Having been hypnotised before I thought she was probably pretty susceptible to the power of suggestion so it was not too surprising that she ended up being one of only a handful of audience members left standing when the final pick was made. When I asked her afterwards she said at one point she felt her nose running but had no power to reach up and do anything about it, she also described how she felt like she was the only person in the room and had a great sense of relief and well-being upon being ‘woken up’. She wasn’t actually chosen (to my relief!) but was still able to have her own experience within the show, and I think it’s this use of audience participation and the ability to really be a part of it which makes the live shows so fantastic and keeps the audience coming back for more.

After the show we left the theatre feeling totally confused but excited as we headed to the stage door to see if we could get a few minutes with the man himself. The crowd was fairly large with about 60/70 people waiting, and given that Derren only had 10 minutes my sister and I casually pushed our way around the side of the main crowd and managed to sneak into the warm of the theatre foyer where Derren was signing memorabilia and having photos taken with the fans. My sister told him that we’d come all the way from Guernsey at 5am that morning and he seemed genuinely pleased that we made all that effort to attend. Unfortunately my camera died when I tried to take a pic of her and Derren so she ended up looking like she’d photobombed him (whoops!) but luckily she got a pretty good photo of me (thanks!).

So for anyone wanting to experience something totally unlike anything else I would most definitely recommend you go and see Derren Brown live. For more information and tickets go to ATG Tickets or the Derren Brown website.

Have any of you seen any of his live shows before? What did you think?

DSCN4960 DSCN4961


11 thoughts on “Derren Brown – Infamous live in Liverpool

  1. Love this!! I’m the sister Vicky referred to throughout this post, (thanks for remembering my name Vic) I would suggest anyone to go see Derren with their own eyes, regardless how sceptical they may be, this guy is simply an illusionist of the highest order. Take a bow Mr Brown. Was worth every penny of our flight, train and hotel costs.

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  3. He is good! I went to see the Svengali tour a while ago and the lady in front of my was picked to go up on stage. I know that Derren Brown is not actually magic and he has to do his tricks somehow, but I think there was definitely some audience research going on! Saying that it was really good and really spooky!

    • I know what you mean, it’s hard to believe how he does it, not sure whether it’s research or just that he’s incredibly good at cold reading but either way it’s definitely entertaining to watch!

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  5. I just got back from his show in Bournemouth tonight. I also got placed into his trance and was one of few left standing. It was so surreal, i kept trying to open my eyes but they were just frantically twitching, since then ive felt such an overwhelming feeling of calmness. The man is simply extraordinary

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