Spotty Sunday Nail Art

Nail art is a huge trend at the moment and I’ve been coveting some fabulous nail looks from afar for some time now, so this Sunday I had a few hours to kill and thought I would finally give it a go. Starting off with what I hoped would be quite a simple design I went for a base colour of peppermint green overlaid with spots of a brighter orange shade, which I created using a wooden toothpick I found in the bathroom.

All in all I’d say I’m pretty happy with the final result although I should’ve waited a little longer before applying my topcoat as it did cause the spots to smudge ever so slightly.

The shades I used were Rimmel Professional Finish in Peppermint and Rimmel 60 seconds in Sun Downer.

spotty nail art polishes

So here’s the finished look, I need to just clean up with the edges a little but you get the idea! What do you think? Any other hints and tips for a nail art newbie?

spotty nail art copy


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