Mt Wolf Hypolight Tour live in Guernsey

Last Friday the boyf and I headed to local venue The Carlton for not only potentially the first gig we’ve ever attended together, but also our first experience of Mt Wolf with their full line up, having previously seen them play an acoustic set at a friends wedding (which was amazing by the way).

To be honest, I don’t know anything ‘proper’ about music, but to me their style sounds like a dreamy mix of folk and electronica and they have previously been compared to the likes of The XX, Alt-J and Sigur Ros.

IMG_1088 copyThis was the opening night of their Hypolight UK tour, and it was really great that given two members of the band, guitarist Stevie McMinn and singer Kate Sproule, originally come from the island that they took the decision to start off the tour in Guernsey. The turn out was really good for a band who have only played to their home crowd once before, with over 100 turning out to support such fantastic local talent making a long-awaited return.

IMG_1084 copyThe amount of musical skill on show by the four-piece is astounding with them moving from guitars to keyboards to electronic samplers with ease. Playing songs from both their ‘Life Sized Ghosts’ EP, and the newly released ‘Hypolight’ EP the band played several of my personal favourites including Cry Wolf, Shapeshift, Life Sized Ghosts and their incredible cover of Usher’s Climax.

IMG_1086 copy

From the hauntingly good vocals of leading lady Kate to the stunning lighting show, for my first Mt Wolf experience, the only thing I can say is that I really hope it wasn’t my last.

For more about the band watch some of their videos below or go to their website.


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