Caring for dyed red hair

Since the onset of stray grey hairs at around 14 I have always dyed my hair, sometimes I got it done at the salon and sometimes by myself or with the help of my mum or uni friends. I’m not going to lie, the outcome wasn’t always successful. Note to readers do not use at home highlights kits – hello ginger stripy hair the Saturday before a huge uni presentation on Monday. Thank you Wilkinsons for being the only shop open on a Sunday and selling jet black hair dye to rectify the problem. Or make the whole thing much worse and essentially ruin my hair according to my hair dresser!

Pretty much since this hair scare I have relied on the professionals, and have been a range of different colours from my more natural dark brown, red low lights and ‘flashes of red’ as my hair dresser referred to it and caramel highlights. Right now I am an all over bright red, and whilst it is pretty high maintenance I love my bright red hair1IMG_1081

My current hair routine includes using Shu Uemura Full Shimmer shampoo and conditioner every few days and once or twice a week I also use Shu Uemura cleansing oil shampoo before using Full Shimmer to remove any product build up. Whilst undeniably these products are expensive (circa £20 for each product) I would say that they are totally worth it and help to keep the brightness of my colour locked in for longer than other coloured hair products I’ve used. Also given the strength of both the shampoo and conditioner, and the length of my hair I only need to use minimal amounts of product making it last for ages which actually makes it pretty cost-effective given how infrequently I have to buy new bottles.

shu_uemura_full_shimmer_shampoo shu uemura conditioner

For in between washes I use Batiste dry shampoo in A hint of colour – vibrant and red which for less than £3 for a 200 ml can is not only exceptional value for money but really is a fantastic product for giving my hair a real boost of colour, especially just before I go to the salon when the colour has started to fade. As with other dry shampoos this product is a dust that you spray onto your hair (I tend to do it at soon as I get up to let it settle in, not sure it actually makes much difference, but I like to think it does!) rub in with your fingers and then brush out again preferably with a natural fibre brush.

batiste red full length copybatiste red cu copy

The difference with the coloured dry shampoos is that rather than a white chalky residue the spray is actually a bright red colour, hence the hint of colour. One thing to be aware of with the coloured range of dry shampoos by Batiste is to make sure you always wash your hands after using it as you will end up with the colour on your fingers which can rub off onto light coloured clothes. Don’t worry though if you do get it on any clothes it will wash out easily.

The style of my cut means that I have to straighten my hair after every wash, which can of course be very damaging, so for heat protection I use Tresemme Argan Oil before blow drying and again before using the straighteners.


If you want to know more about the products I use when styling my hair, let me know in the comments and I’ll do another separate post about it.

If you’re thinking of dying your hair bright red or any other particularly vibrant colours I say go for it! Just bear in mind how the colour is going to work with not only your skin tone, but also the colour and style of your current wardrobe as your new colour and old wardrobe might not work together so be prepared to potentially make some new purchases (not that we needed an excuse!).

Any other redheads or hair colour fanatics use any of these products? What do you think about them? If you have any other great products for coloured hair I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!




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