Customising my Nikes by replacing the laces with ribbon

This bank holiday weekend I decided to get a little bit crafty.

Always a lover of pumps I have worn them for many years now, tending to switch between throwaway £1 Primark pairs and my £10 beauties from Office. Unfortunately whilst in New York last May my old Office faithfuls finally decided to give up, so instead of buying the next cheap ones I could find I decided to take a step up and purchase some pumps that would actually go the distance. So I headed into Footlocker and purchased a grey pair of Nikes.

Despite the laces being too short I have been happily wearing these for the past year, but recently as more girls are reverting back to wearing the humble trainer I’ve been seeing them getting creative with their shoes and making trainers the girly shoe of choice. One of the looks I’ve been inspired by is replacing your laces with different colours and styles of ribbon, which I think gives a really girly vibe to what is traditionally more of a guys shoe and also means you can match your shoes to the rest of your outfit through the changing of the ribbon.

My Nikes are looking a little beat up now (please excuse this in the photos below!) and given that they have a pattern on the grey canvas upper part of the shoe I was initially unsure of how this look would translate onto my shoe but I must say I was pretty pleased with the final results of my first two attempts.

Heading down to my local haberdashery wearing said trainers I spent a grand total of £2.90 on 6m worth of ribbon in three different styles. Firstly I bought a very thin light grey ribbon as this was my failsafe that I knew would definitely go with the shoes, but with the other two ribbons I got a little more creative. The second ribbon was bright red with small silver hearts, which I thought would be a little brighter but still have some girly edge to it with the hearts, and thirdly a wider light blue polka dot ribbon which I thought would contrast nicely between the more cutesy polka dot and the more quirky grey pattern on the shoes.

grey ribbon1_edited-1 grey ribbon2 copy

Here is the final result of my first try using the grey ribbon, I think that this is a good everyday ribbon to keep the trainers feminine enough without it being too over the top. The grey ribbon obviously works well with the grey pumps and because it is plain it doesn’t clash with the pattern either. All in all attempt number 1 was a thumbs up from me!red ribbon_edited-1 Secondly I tried one shoe using the slightly wider red ribbon, this was a little trickier to thread through the wholes as it was wider so I had to use a safety-pin and also because of the pattern I had to properly arrange the ribbon more carefully so that the heart pattern was clearly showing. I really liked this as the red ribbon gave a really nice pop of colour against the grey canvas and the small heart pattern again wasn’t too overbearing with the pattern already on the shoes. grey and red ribbon copyHere are the two shoes together. I think I’ll stick to the grey ribbon for the day-to-day wearing of these trainers, but will definitely use the red for special occasions when it works with my outfit.

I haven’t had a chance to try the third ribbon yet but I know it will be a little trickier because it’s thicker so threading it through the holes without fraying the edges of the ribbon will be harder. Once I get the hang of it though I’ll do another post!

Have you tried this or got any other tips for customising an old pair of trainers?



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