Benefit Love In

If you ask any of my friends what my all time favourite make up brand is, they will undoubtedly tell you it’s Benefit. From the quirky product names to the kitsch packaging, and everything in between I am 100% a Benebabe.

I know that some of you will probably think their products are quite expensive, and whilst you’re not wrong I usually try to buy mine with gift vouchers given at Christmas or birthdays, or because I travel from Guernsey to the UK a lot, I’m lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the excellent Duty Free pop ups at Manchester and Gatwick!

benefit main_edited-1

A few of my Benefit faves

As you can see from the above shot I’m not short of a Benefit product or two, and this isn’t even all of the Benefit products that I own! My favourite product of theres is a tie between the POREfessional and BAD gal eye liner. For combination skin like mine, with a particularly oily t-zone the POREfessional is great for keeping pesky shine at bay and is small enough to keep in my hand bag without lugging around my entire make up bag. BADgal eye liner is the absolute one when it comes to eye liners, and believe me I’ve tried many! I’m not much of an eye liner pro, so this is perfect for me as the chunky pencil makes it easy to apply and the softness of the kohl makes blending and smudging a total dream – plus the fact that this particular BADgal actually came free in a magazine is an even bigger plus!

For the most part I really like what I would call ‘base’ products from Benefit, such as primers, foundations, blushers and powders rather than eyeshadows or lipsticks, although I have tried the cult classic Benetint and whilst I thought as a product it was pretty good it wasn’t personally to my make up style. For me, I couldn’t go to work every morning without a little help from Lemon Aid, Boing (and after a really late night Erase Paste!) which hide any indication that I’ve stayed up late watching The Following or MIC reruns on 4OD. The blushers are always my first port of call, with Dandelion being perfect for a summery pink cheek, versus Throb which I prefer to wear more in the winter for a nice glow. At the moment my go to blusher is SugarBomb which is a great mix of four different shades, essentially giving you four blushers for the price of one, with coral, pink and bronze shades you can either mix them together which I tend to do or just use one if you want a certain look.

Of course, given the ridiculous amount of Benefit that I actually own (I had forgotten some and trawling through their website has definitely made me think I’m bordering on obsession!) it’s likely that it would not all be the holy grail of making myself look remotely presentable every day. I’m not a huge fan of their highlighters such as High Beam and Miss Popularity (which apparently neither are they as it’s no longer available to buy on their website), although admittedly I’m not much of a highlighter girl in general either, I just don’t see the difference to my overall look when I have it on. I have similar feelings towards Oh La Lift and Lip Plump which to be honest I just don’t see the point in. Finally, whilst I did like the dazzle dust style eye shadow I was given as a gift I didn’t feel it was any better than cheaper versions I have from Collection 2000 or Barry M.

Back to the good stuff though, I have heard nothing but rave reviews about They’re Real mascara from some lovely ladies like Albertine over at Dippy Writes, Beth at Bird’s Words and Emma at Glossy Boutique and it is definitely going onto my make up must haves. In fact given the amount of Benefit I currently own, I’m surprised at myself that I don’t have it already! But as it’s my birthday just around the corner, and I’m heading to the bright lights of the big city to celebrate it I’ll be crossing my fingers for some more vouchers to splurge or else hitting up Gatwick airport big style!

What’s your go to make up brand of choice? Are you a fan of Benefit, what are your best and worst products?



2 thoughts on “Benefit Love In

  1. I’m definitely a benebabe too, I have FAR too many of their products but I love having a makeup box that matches! They’re real, lemonaid &sunbeam are my favourite benebits- I’m not a fan of porefessional though.

  2. I recently went to an actual Benefit store rather than a small section within a department store and I got to spend a lot of time looking at and testing the products! I have never loved so many products from 1 brand before! I was totally sucked in! My faves are: Porefessional, Hoola bronzer, Watt’s up, Various creaseless eyeshadows, their lipsticks and their limited palettes are INCREDIBLE! However, I found the They’re Real Mascara really disappointing beause it never suited my eye lashes.. Did you think that too?

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