Fashion Friday – Beloved Shirts

You’ve got to love the internet. Whilst searching for Alice in Wonderland fancy dress inspiration I clicked on one website which lead to another, which eventually lead to me finding a website selling quite frankly, awesome tees, sweaters and even phone cases. That site is #belovedshirts.

If you are a fan of quirky or kitsch items of clothing then this is most definitely the site for you, with prints of burgers and fries, to grumpy cats or cute sloths to more old skool gameboy or pokemon styles this site has everything for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

All items are printed as they are ordered so the turn around is not quick taking about 2 weeks to print and dispatch, neither are they for the bargain hunters amongst us at $59.99 being the average price for a jumper, which is down from $79.99 and around $35 for a t-shirt. But given that they are printed to order and are incredibly unique I don’t think that the price is too bad (especially when us Brits can factor in the exchange rate!)

Some of my personal favourites on the site are the Warners Bay sweatshirt, which takes me back to good memories of holidays in Mexico or the Maldives. The Cat Vortex sweatshirt because, well just look at it, it’s a cat. In a vortex. What’s not to like?! Continuing the animal theme, everyone loves a cute sloth, especially on a t-shirt. Finally just because I like the bright colours and it makes me feel like a child again, I am also a fan of the gummy bear iPhone cover.

beloved warners bay sweatshirt

Warners Bay Sweatshirt

beloved cat_vortex_large

Cat Vortex Sweatshirt

beloved justasloth_large

Cute Sloth Tee

beloved gummybearip4_large

Gummybear iPhone case

So those are my picks, have any of you bought anything #beloved before? What did you think?


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