Birthday Bonanza Round Up

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts lately but it was my birthday last week and I was away in the bright lights, big city that is London (separate posts to follow). So apart from now having to update my age in my bio to 26 *eek!*, as per usual nothing really feels that different apart from I now have lots of nice new things from lots of awesome people who I love very much and am very grateful to have around me.

So, gushy emotional stuff to the side, let’s move onto the good stuff which was my actual birthday itself and the awesome presents I was lucky enough to receive. A few weeks ago I did a birthday wish list post, and I can’t believe that I actually ticked a couple of items off the list!

birthday wish list

From my totally awesome best bud Little Miss Notting Hill I got both of the Nails Inc polishes I was lusting after, as well as a gorgeous Christian Lacroix notebook to keep track of all my blogging thoughts and musings. Plus the card she gave me was nothing short of genius.

nails inc notebookbffsannie card

My usual handbag unfortunately broke whilst we were away so the boy treated me to this River Island number as a replacement, which I think isn’t too dissimilar to the ASOS satchel above and he’s also treating me to the Marc Jacobs watch I had originally wanted when I pulled together my wish list, it will be my first designer watch so I am super excited about it arriving!


So as for the day itself, we headed to the Riding House Cafe just off Oxford street which was a lovely little place I came across thanks to Time Out London. I will do a separate post about the ridiculous amounts of food we consumed, but this was a gorgeous little cafe which we managed to sneak into just before 12 and still get some eggs benedict for brunch before the lunchtime rush. In the afternoon we headed to Mayfair hotel The Chesterfield, to indulge in even more eating, this time it was for afternoon tea with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory twist.

wonka tea

Including all the treats of a normal afternoon tea, this also included Wonka themed delights like an oompa loompa cupcake (which given the bright orange and green colourings I suggest is not given to children!), a blueberry macaroon (which was a.mazing.), a golden egg, fizzy lifting drink and even your very own Wonka Bar.

As I don’t actually drink tea or coffee, and as it was my birthday I opted for a glass of Rose Champagne with mine which was delicious and was quite an interesting mix when drunk after having popping candy on the fizzy lemon cake! This was a great little treat, that was finished off with a lovely present from the hotel which was a golden ticket of your own which can be opened upon returning to the hotel for the chance to get money off your next booking or even a two night stay at the hotel.


Finally, to round off what had so far been a great day it was drinks and complimentary cheese at the Chukka Bar on Archer Street before heading to see The Book of Mormon on the West End. This musical is not for the faint hearted or easily offended, but is a fantastic night out with some absolutely hilarious songs that will be stuck in your head for days and weeks to come. Currently it’s sold out about 2-3 months in advance and I can definitely see why.

So all in all, my 26th birthday was probably one of my favourite in recent years thanks to all my amazing friends and family who made it so special.

Have any of you got any birthdays coming up, what do you have planned? Any ideas what presents you’ll be hoping to get?


p.s. don’t forget you can vote for me for Best Newcomer at the Posh Fashion Awards by following the link on the right!


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