Fashion Friday – To Mulberry or not To Mulberry?

I spent my first pay cheque on a gorgeous quilted Marc Jacobs bag and since then it’s my only designer handbag purchase, but the older I get the more I’ve been craving a Mulberry. This year for my birthday I was in London and whilst over there my normal handbag broke so my lovely bf suggested we visited Selfridges on my birthday (mainly because he knew they had a sale on!), which of course I was immediately incredibly excited about and couldn’t wait for my birthday to arrive!

So on the morning of my birthday after a quick brekkie we trundled off to Selfridges to see what sale beauties awaited, especially when a friend had got a gorgeous blue mini Del Ray for around £500! But to my surprise, once we actually got in there and the money started to get real I seemed to have a change of heart. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I didn’t know if I could actually justify spending that much money on a bag?

When browsing online it seems so easy and the money is just a number and I’m instantly drawn to the Alexa and Del Rey in particular, but are they really more than a normal satchel or bowling bag? NOTE: I should probably point out that even whilst writing this post and looking for these photos I am drooling over these bags!!

mulberry_alexa-collection8 mulberry del-rey-2

So whilst in Selfridges, it seemed that the reality of the cost was too much and as I wasn’t sure that I could justify spending my own money on a Mulberry then how could I expect someone else too? In the end we decided not to get anything but discussed maybe waiting until Christmas (sales!) or next years birthday. But now Mulberry have announced new bag Primrose which is billed as being the lovechild of the Alexa and the Del Rey (could this be anymore the perfect bag for me?!) I am once again thrown into the should I or shouldn’t I of becoming a Mulberry owner.


At the moment I can’t find anywhere how much the new bag costs, but it’s likely to be at least £600. Some of my friends who have more than one Mulberry have reliably informed me that they are a great purchase, and that her Polly bag looks the same now as it did when she bought it over three years ago. So maybe I should just bite the bullet and go for it?

Decisions, decisions and I still haven’t made my mind up what to do either way. Maybe I’ll just get a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs in the sales to tide me over?!

Do any of you have a Mulberry bag? Is it worth the cost, or do you just think it’s ridiculous to spend so much money on a humble handbag? I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment below!


Don’t forget you’ve only got a week to vote me for Best Newcomer at the Posh Fashion Awards, I would be ecstatic if I even got shortlisted so thank you muchly if you do stop by and drop me a little vote!


3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – To Mulberry or not To Mulberry?

  1. I must admit I’m a bit of a Mulberry maniac BUT I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! The Primrose is gorgeous and is likely to be around £800 I would think based on it’s size – so maybe think to yourself, save £100 and then buy one in a few months time – won’t seem such a huge lump sum then maybe?! Let us know what you decide! LMNH xx

  2. Hello, The Primrose is now in stores and prices start from £1200. Sounds a lot, but when you see them ‘in the flesh’ and handle them, you can really feel the extreme quality and luxurious finish. I can’t afford one, sadly, but it’s just the most beautiful bag!!!

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