London Foodie Pt 1: One Blenheim Terrace

Normally when I go to London it’s very easy to end up eating in all the big chains around tourist attractions like Bella Italia, TGIs etc the list is endless. But after having had a quite appalling experience in the Angus Steak House in Leicester Square last time we were over (how many more people can you shoehorn into one building and as a STEAK HOUSE not actually know the difference between medium and rare steak, is quite literally beyond me!) on this trip we decided to try to think more like ‘Londoners’ with some of our food choices.

First up, a little place in St Johns Wood called One Blenheim Terrace. After having read a review on the Grazia website of this little gem tucked away from the usual tourist hustle and bustle, with food that was to die for, we took a quick look at the menu online to make sure that they would actually be offering up food that we liked. In order to make the most of the time we had in the city we were ridiculously organised and pulled together a mini itinerary of what we would do each day (I know, we are just too cool!) and it seemed that this was the perfect place for brunch on Friday before heading off to The Science Museum.

One BT outside

Having never been to St Johns Wood before we weren’t 100% sure where we going, but having done a quick Google search it was pretty much straight out of the Station and down Abbey Road until you found it on the left. Despite being ‘Abbey Road’ the general area was relatively quiet for a Friday morning so we were able to stroll leisurely down until we found it. I’d say it’s a good 10 minutes walk from the station but the area itself is lovely with lots of different types of buildings to take a peek at to keep you occupied on the way!

OBT menu

Having already checked out the menu online I knew exactly what I was going for. Short stack banana pancakes. Now I should probably point out here, that brunch in Guernsey is fairly lacking so most of the places I’m going to talk about in these London Foodie posts are places we ate brunch, but based on my experiences I’m sure they’d be just as delicious at other times of the day!

So, back to the banana pancakes, which maybe rather naively as island ‘simpletons’ we thought were going to be the same sort of size as the standard scotch pancakes you get in Waitrose. So much so, that I also ordered an Oreo Milkshake in the hope of bulking the meal up a little, to keep us going until dinner. This, however was definitely not needed as what arrived in front of us was in fact two pancakes the size of dinner plates stacked on top of each other complete with baked in bananas and lashings of maple syrup.

OBT pancakes

Now whilst there was literally no way I could finish the whole thing (I tried my very best and got through one of the pancakes and the milkshake), the pancakes themselves were gorgeous. Incredibly buttery and soft, with the addition of the bananas actually having been baked into the batter making them even more gooey and delicious. Thankfully the waiter told us we were not the first to have failed at eating both pancakes (which kinda begs the question why make them that big?!) but we left there stuffed to the brim knowing that we were not the only people to have left the mountain of banana pancakes unconquered.

Have you taken on the OBT stacked pancakes and won? Or tried any other of their dishes? I’d love to know what you think, so leave me a comment below!




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