Fashion Friday – Back to School (at 26!)

For the past two weeks I have been helping out my old Grammar School by taking part in an Apprentice style task for the Year 12 Business Studies students. As it’s winding down at the end of the school year the teachers thought it might be nice to do something a little different for the students, so got in three local businesses who each did a presentation to the year group of about 40 students before setting them a brief to work to and present back on the following week. Along with some folks from HR and Finance, I went along to represent the marketing function.


Source: Ben LaParole 

Having not been back in over eight years (has it really been that long since I left?!) it felt so bizarre to walk back through the doors again and immediately recognise a place that you spent nearly everyday in for five years but also so nice to walk around and have such great memories come flooding back. At this point I will quash any wishful thinking for any old shots of me when I actually attended this school because I went to school in the nineties and noughties which was most definitely not a fashionable time for aged 11-18!

So, mentoring aside one of the things that unnerved me more than anything else I would be required to do as part of this process was what the heck to wear?! Now at 26 I like to conveniently forget I am closer to my thirties than my twenties, but when faced with returning to your old school to portray yourself as this successful marketer who the students might one day want to be like (am I just kidding myself here that one of those students would actually be the tiniest bit inspired by me??) it’s never been more important to look good.

So for the first week it was presentation time, so I wanted something smart enough but still comfortable to present in. So I went for my floral trousers from Dorothy Perkins which I am absolutely in love with and if the pattern wasn’t quite so obvious I might be tempted to wear them everyday, teamed with a black t-shirt and some black studded pumps from New Look.


Floral Trousers from Dorothy Perkins £29.50 matching bomber jacket also available here for £35

So week one done, week two was all about turning Simon Cowell and have the students present back to us with this proposals on the brief. This week I went for something a little more formal (well about as formal I generally get in a business casual office) in a high-waisted black skirt, cobalt blue top and statement necklace with patent black brogues.

blue top and necklace

So the first two weeks down, the third and final week is arguably going to be the toughest fashion-wise, as it involves presenting the winning group with a prize in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL. I am not normally overall shy about doing these kind of things but when you are clearly going to be seeing a lot of people who have in no small way shaped who are now, to me I think that’s a pretty big deal. As I’m also flying over to London in the afternoon after having done the presentation I will also need something plane appropriate, so have settled on the below bird print kimono from George at Asda and black jeans.

george kimono

Bird Print Kimono and vest set, with necklace also included was £18 now £10 (sold out online, still available in stores)

So those were my choices for going back to school, what do you think? Have you had any similar experiences going ‘back to school’?



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