London Foodie Pt 2: Recipease by Jamie Oliver

Next up on the brunch tour of London is Recipease by Jamie Oliver. Having walked past this place loads of times on my trips to see Little Miss Notting Hill, I thought it was finally time to see what sort of delights Jamie had in store.

Located right on the junction of Notting Hill Gate, this is not just a cafe but a great little fresh food shop and also a cookery school set over two floors and is described by Jamie as a place where you can you can come ‘to ask questions, learn new skills, get inspiration and try some really fantastic food.’ And when it comes to fantastic food, I have to say I am definitely in agreement with Jamie.


The cafe is located on the second floor, and has quite a rustic country fair feel to it, with large windows letting in loads of light so it feels nice and airy. Tables did seem quite limited though and I would say there’s only about 10-15 of them so it’s probably worth trying to get in as early as you can to ensure you get a good spot next to the window. Normally enabling its diners to people watch the hustle and bustle of Notting Hill en route to Portobello, unfortunately for us we had the joys of overlooking all the building work currently going on at the junction! Rest assured though that on the sunny Saturday we visited, there was no work being done so this definitely didn’t ruin our experience, and I also have it on good authority that the junction should soon be open again soon.

recipease drinks

So onto the food, I had again done a little Google research before our visit and had been eying up the roasted potato and chorizo hash with poached egg and chilli oil and I was most definitely not disappointed with what arrived. It was essentially just a mashed up load of potatoes with chorizo thrown in for good measured topped off with a runny poached egg. Literally what is not to like? I was in food heaven. Washed down with an ice-cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, this was the perfect place to kick-start the day before heading off for birthday celebrations.

Have any of you been to any of Jamie’s restaurants? What do you think?



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