Nails Inc Concrete and Feathers

Hi everybody!

It’s been a while since I did any nail arty posts as I actually got my nails done with Bio-sculpture gels a few days before my birthday so had this gorgeous bright pink on for a few weeks.

pink nailsApologies for the quality of the shot, it was taken on my iPhone rather than my normal Nikon! 

So once I had my gels taken off I decided to have a play around with some of the new Nails Inc goodies I got given for my birthday from my gorgeous BFF, which was the Concrete Effect in Monument (yellow) and the Feather Effect in York (peachy orange/white). I’ve already got the Concrete Effect in Stonehenge (cobalt blue) and love the final texture and also how quick and easy it is to apply and more importantly the super speedy drying time! I’ve done a review on the range here if you want to check out my thoughts in more detail, but the Monument was no different to Stonehenge and I was just as impressed by it.

So I figured the best way to try them both was to use the Concrete as my main colour as I knew how to work with the polish and then used the Feather Effect more like a confetti top coat, so teamed it with a teally/green colour from the Rimmel 60 seconds range (official name 825 Sky High) on my ring finger.

concrete nails trio

The Rimmel polish has come out way bluer in the above shot for some reason, but you can see below that it’s actually more green than blue!

yellow concreteI was pretty happy with the end result as I think the yellow was nice and bright for the summer (judging by the pink can you tell I’m generally a pretty bright summer nail kinda person?!) and the green with feather effect top coat added something a bit different. I’m still yet to use the Feather Effect fully on my nails, but get the impression it’s not going to be as easy to work with as the Concrete Effect polishes.

Have any of you tried the Concrete or Feather Effect polishes from Nails Inc? What did you think, any tips on how best to apply the Feather Effect?



2 thoughts on “Nails Inc Concrete and Feathers

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