Review: Oil blotting papers

Hello to all my lovely blog readers!

Firstly sorry I’ve been AWOL of late I’ve started a health kick which has been putting me at the gym most nights for the past few weeks and when I haven’t been there I’ve been beavering away on my CAM diploma in Digital Marketing. But having handed it in today (yay!) I can get back into the lovely world of Prints and Postcards. So thanks for bearing with me, hopefully I won’t disappear again for a while!

So onto my latest review, which during these ridiculous hot/cold, is it sunny, is it rainy conditions have become somewhat of a lifesaver. They are the usually somewhat overlook beauty staple, oil blotting papers.

I am one of the chosen people blessed with combination/oily skin, particularly around my T-zone, which means that in summer especially I go from matte to melted in zero seconds flat. My current skin routine includes using Garnier Moisture Match which seems to be helping but it definitely does not keep pesky shine away all day. Which is where the oil blotting sheets come into play.

I’ve been looking for blotting sheets for a while and struggled with the delivery of them from a number of websites which mainly seemed to be in the US and for any UK sites they wouldn’t deliver to the Channel Islands (annoying!). So eventually I thought I’d see if Amazon could help me with my predicament and to my glee they had a number of different options available. Having read a few reviews I decided on Grace Your Face which were £4.99 for a pack of 60 sheets.

oil blotting papers

A few days later they turned up and I’ve been using them now for a couple of weeks, and in general I’d say these do a pretty good job. The sheets themselves are quite small about 6cm high x 4cm wide and are also relatively thin, I personally have only ripped one sheet in about 15 but I can see how it’s easily done. I use them by ‘wiping’ them across my face and when you look back at the sheet you can see the oil that’s been absorbed and my face definitely looks less shiny – thumbs up so far! Although if you have particularly oily skin or it’s a really hot day (like it is most days at the moment!) for the best result I would recommend using two sheets just to be on the safe side.

oil blotting 2

My only negative about these sheets really is that once used there seems be a slight oily sheen left on my fingers so they’re not great for on the go touch ups as you then need something to wipe your hands on or wash them just to make sure you don’t end up touching your face and making yourself more oily again!

So that’s my thoughts on oil blotting papers, have you ever used them? What did you think, do you have any favourite brands?



One thought on “Review: Oil blotting papers

  1. I used to use blotting papers all the time when I was younger but got out of the habit of it. I should probably start again as I’m sure it’s a lot better than a tissue which ends up taking my makeup off. Congrats on handing your work in, and for starting a new gym addiction 😀

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