Starting Off: Blusher

I can’t believe it’s already week five of the SO Project and this week we’re talking blusher! I haven’t been around on the blog much lately as I haven’t been very well over the past few weeks but am back now and am ready to get stuck in!

So if you’ve been following #theSOproject you’ll know the past weeks have covered skincare, concealer, foundation and bronzer. As I don’t use much bronzer or know much about foundation I thought I’d sit back and read all the great words of wisdom from the many other great bloggers taking part in this awesome series. If you want to read my previous posts you can find them here – skincare/concealer

Ok, so on to blusher. There are a number of different types, powder, cream and mousse are the main ones that I’ve used previously, although I tend to stick mainly to powders.

Blusher is used on the apples of your cheeks and give you a more ‘rosey’ complexion. There are many different shades from pretty pinks to more apricots or pinky red shades which you can use during different times of year depending on your skin type and colour. Personally I find cream or mousse blushers are normally better in the summer months when powders can be a little more ‘cakey’ and in the winter when my skin is drier the cream blushers can again end up looking a bit ‘cakey’. But that’s my personal experience and others may find it works better for them the other way around.

The fun part about blusher is of course all in the excellent face pulling that takes places when applying it! If you suck your cheeks right in this allows you to see your cheek bones and the apples of your cheeks which you can then sweep blusher onto using either a brush or your fingers depending on which type of blusher you use.

My fave products

blusher cu

For me, I only have two blushers that are my go to, one is a cream blusher by Une and the other is Sugarbomb by Benefit.


As you can see from the incredibly well-worn box and the huge hole in the product, Sugarbomb is my go-to blusher for day-to-day wear. As it has four different shades in one it means you can work a number of shades together to get the right colour for your skin, or you can just use one of the four. I am a huge fan of Benefit blushers having previously used Dandelion and Throb, but at around £20 each they are definitely not cheap although I always try to get mine with birthday/christmas gift vouchers or in Duty Free. Despite their hefty price tag, personally I think that they are worth it, especially as they last ages.

une cu

My second blusher, which is more of my ‘holiday’ blusher is from Une. What I love about this blusher is not only the incredibly useful mirrored compact it comes it, but the ability to really build the colour. So although when you initially put it on it seems quite sheer you can gradually add more product until you’re happy with the coverage.

Being able to gradually build product is very important with blushers so I would advise having a tissue on standby to get rid of any excess before application as the last thing you want is to go full throttle and end up looking like a rag doll with two big round red marks on your cheeks (Lil Kim I’m looking at you!!)


lil kim

Seriously BAD times Lil Kim!! 

So that’s all for another week my lovelies! Hope this has been useful, I’d love to know what products you’re rating, so leave me a little comment below!

Until next time…



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