Starting Off: Mascara

It’s that time of the week again, it’s Tuesday, it’s 6pm, which can only mean it’s the Starting Off Project!

Week 6 = mascara!

Quite possibly one of my favourite items of make up which I always feel a bit naked without, mascara gives your eyes more definition. Worn on either your top or top and bottom lashes one of the main things to look out for with mascara is that it can ‘clump’ and give you ‘spidery lashes’ which is when your lashes end up getting stuck together because you’ve put too much mascara on them. You can avoid this firstly by removing any excess mascara by scraping the brush against the top of the tube, and then gradually building up your mascara in thin layers (normally around 3) by applying it in a zigzag motion by moving your hand from side to side. This will cover the lashes more evenly and also separate them as you go.

There are loads of claims on the market for different mascaras but most are all about volumising or lengthening your eyelashes using a multitude of different shapes and sizes of wands. Expensive products like ModelCo Fibre LashXtend even attach tiny fibres to your lashes as you apply your mascara, and claims to give ‘brilliant extension and high definition impact’.

My top tip for thickening lashes without blowing your budget is by using talcum powder. Yup you read that correctly, the humble bathroom staple, talcum powder. Just gently put a layer of talcum powder on your lashes before you apply your mascara and the powder will have the same effect as the ModelCo product for a fraction of the price!

My final piece of advice is an oldie, but a goodie. NEVER pump air into your mascara tube by pushing the wand/brush in and out in order to get more product on it, as it will dry out the mascara which will lead to clumps. Before you initially take the brush out, I recommend twisting it around inside the tube and then removing it. If you need more product then gently repeat this process.

My faves

I have used a number of mascaras over the years both from high street brands and more high end designers, and my current favourites are Scandaleyes from Rimmel, Lancome‘s vibrating mascara and They’re Real by Benefit.



rimmel brush

Scandaleyes by Rimmel is a great everyday mascara, especially given it’s cheap price. I bought this on offer in Boots with some other Rimmel items so it’s always worth checking in Boots or Superdrug if they have any good deals on. The brush on this one is quite thick and gives good coverage, but it can easily clump so be careful how much you apply.

benefit brush

They’re Real from Benefit is quickly becoming one of the most rated mascaras currently on the market, and personally I can see why. It’s not cheap at around £20, but at the moment if you buy online direct from Benefit here you get a full size mascara and an additional deluxe mini version for the same price. The brush has quite short fibres and the orb shape at the end of it enables you to get right into the corners of your lashes. Again I would recommend around 3 coats for the best coverage, being careful it doesn’t clump.

lancome brushFinally this Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Power Mascara from Lancome is not only the mascara in my collection with the longest name but it’s also the most expensive, retailing at around £30. It has a small battery in the lid which makes the brush vibrant as the mascara’s applied, and personally I do think this makes a difference to the end result which is virtually clump free with great length. Given the price I only really use this on nights out, so if you’re looking for a special occassion product I would recommend this one but for something more for everyday Rimmel or Maybelline have some great mascaras for less than half the price.

So that’s it for another week, as always I’d love to read everyone elses posts so feel free to leave your links below.

What are your favourite mascaras? Have you used any of my favourite mascaras, what did you think of them?


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