2014 Resolutions

I know the resolutions posts are doing the rounds at the moment, and I wanted to add mine to it to make my promises more concrete. This year I didn’t want to go for the obligatory ‘get fit’ or ‘lose weight’ and wanted to think a bit more about what I could really stick to, and would make the best year.

2014 new year resolutions

1. Learn Photoshop

Last year I got Photoshop, and whilst I can use it for the basics I’d like to be able to use it properly for more complex editing so will be enlisting the help of a friend at work to teach me all the tips and tricks!

2. Make more time for blogging

Over the past few months the blog has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat as things like holidays, sickness and a lot of things going on at work have meant that I’ve really struggled to find the time or motivation to get up quality posts. So in 2014 I want to get back my blogging mojo and make sure I really try to make time and put in the effort to make the blog the best it can be!

3. Always try to have a positive outlook

It’s fair to say 2013 had its ups and downs, and in general I’d say it was a pretty crappy year. So in 2014 I want to banish the negative and focus on the good things in my life and do less moaning!!

4. Make 2014 the best year it can be & 5. Be Happy!

Along the same lines as resolution number 3, I want to go full steam ahead in 2014 and make sure that when it gets to Dec 31st 2014 I can look back and think what a great year it’s been!

So that’s mine in a nutshell, link me some of your resolution posts below I’d love to know what your goals are for 2014!



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